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Saturday, March 14, 2009

3rd Grade Champs

JJ and the Tar Heels take the Championship!

It was really a team effort all year long. The parents really got into it and made tee-shirts and signs!

I don't think JJ has let go of that trophy all day~!

Celebrating at DQ. Shayna had play practice so we were missing the last Kaler. JJ played great in the game and had a great season overall. The team was undefeated and had a fantastic season. Go Tar Heels!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Making plans....

To some select few I have confessed my initial reaction to Greg driving up in "Winnie" for the first time. Since I am over it now, I feel I can write about it. So here it is...

We'd been waiting for 2 days. And here he comes.... daddy driving down our street with what will be our home for a full year starting in June. The headlights appear. "There he is!! Goooooo daddy!" and then he pulls closer, and we are able to see the height and width of the thing. "NOOOOO, that can't be him!! That's a truck!!" But it was him.

And then, the joy of stepping inside!! Its clean! Its new!! Its....
...what the ^%#$@&^>>!? are we doing?? This thing is wayyyy too small. There is no way we can live in here... The walls started closing in on me, and I was finding it hard to breathe. I watched the kids find their bears with joy.... even enjoyed the apple pie... all while on the inside, I thought I was going to puke.....

I later decided to call it "cold wheels", and though it resurfaces its doubtful little head every now and then, for the most part, it has passed.

It is cozy, comfortable, cute, and most importantly... it is MOBILE!!

Since then we have managed a few successful test runs, bought a camp membership, and are making plans. The fear has subsided and excitement and reality are setting in. I am also learning new planning skills that I never knew existed!! (or ever thought would need.) For now, lord willing, the plans are like this:

June 16 departure. Easy, non-panic cruise thru Washington and Idaho.
June 18-20 Glacier National Park, Montana
June 21-22 Rolla, North Dakota
June 23 Makinaw Island, Michigan
June 24-25 St. Clair, Michigan
June 26-27 Cedar Point and Kenisee Lake, Ohio
June 28 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1:35
June 29-Aug.7 Gallaudet (DC)
Aug 7-9 Chestnut Lake, New Jersey
Aug 11-18 Portland, Maine
Aug 19-26 Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland
Aug 27-Sept 13 Portland/Baxter State Park/ Bar Harbor, Maine
Sept 14-21 Boston, MA
Sept 22-24 New Hampshire/Vermont/Adirondack Mts (NY)
Sept 24-28 Montreal/Toronto/Niagara
Sept 29-Oct 6 Virginia Landing/Chincoteague, VA
Oct 7-14 Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 18-31 Myrtle Beach, SC
Nov 2-10 Orlando, FL
Nov 11-24 Tampa, FL
Nov 28-Dec. 21 Ft. Lauderdale, FL with a Bahamas cruise somewhere in there....

And don't forget that you are invited to tag along on any part of the trip. Winnie has a guest bed that folds down, or bring along a tent!!

May the Lord be the wind beneath our wings and the air within our tires!! HUGS