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Friday, July 20, 2012

Hangin with the Boys in the Bayou...

 Hello!  We are down in LA for the week and I'm doing my best to get you some snipits of our trip.  First of all,  we are camping right next to a gator farm.. (where Jo went for a field trip last year, pic on left).  We are staying in Abita Springs at a lovely RV resort,  back in Winnie.  JJ will demonstrate how we feel about that!!! 
 We are on the North end of Lake Ponchatrain.  There is a nice 24 mile bridge going across the lake to New Orleans.  I read somewhere it was the longest bridge in the world, but could have sworn we'd already been on that!  Guess I'm remembering the tallest one.  Anyway,  it is surely long indeed.

 New Orleans has a nice flair of intertwining cultures and unique history.  Above is the St. Johns cathedral,  where the Pope has visited.  It's right across from a historical landmark- what used to be the capital when it was a Spanish province. 

 We had heard all about Bigneittes and Cafe Dumond, so we had to try us some.  The verdict:    YUMMMMM,  those French do know how to make a pastry!!  or 6!

One of our favorite New Orleans moments was finding this cool statue while we were cruising the River walk along the Mississippi River.  It was fairly hot and we noticed this statue was sweating.   We thought wow,  guess it sure is hot!  Then we heard some kind of shrill and then the darn thing moved. 
Turns out it was a very movable statue,  one that talks too.  He tried to get the boys to pick their noses but they were not so into that.  This guy was really fun to watch.  Much more interactive and fun than that other statue behind them!
New Orleans has a lot more to discover....  until then we are going back to our cozy camp.  Mom has one more blog on some Bayou nature if she can get to it!  Bye for now!