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Saturday, April 19, 2008


So JJ's baseball team has a 6-2 record so far: 6 cancelled, 2 actually played. And just in case you all doubted that report that we got a foot of snow last night, here's our proof! Notice the spring flowers trying to bloom under the blanket of heavy, wet, snow. That's how we feel!!

These are the kitty tracks I found in the morning. Poor guys! making their way to warm safety, in late April!! Is this cuz of global warming or what? Is Seattle the next Alaska??!! Take care all...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Home is....

Home is..... where the kitties sleep!!!!

Hi.... We are starting to get in travel mode up here, and its got me excited and also in the reframing kind of mode... what do we really need to make our house a home? (translation: how much of this stuff are we gonna pack and take on the plane??) We are all going back to DC this summer (yay for me!! The clan all wants to go!!) But this time we will fly. Which means, we cannot over stuff our van to have shoes falling out on the freeway this time. Its two suitcases per person, and even then... I am flying out before Greg and the kids, so the ratio is going to be more like six extra suitcases for Daddy!!

Meanwhile, our home is so convenient to our lifestyle.. and with a few extra donations from Ron and Holly, I just finished off our guest room/Cheryl scrapbooking shrine to where I can sit in there, (on a real bed Gran! You have to come visit us again!!), see the Mariners playing in the living room through our homemade portal, see my many years of scrapbooks surround me (seriously, the books literally go wall to wall..) and think huh?!! I'm gonna leave this??!!

Yes, we're going to leave it because everything that really matters is going with me... plus a few extra suitcases worth... except the kitties!!!

Anybody wanna come take care of our kitties??!!

(We are currently looking for a house sitter!) Goodnight all and love ya.... -C

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break Snow

What strange weather we're having! A snow/hail/sleet storm drove us out of Seattle last weekend, and we're off to an adventure in Central Oregon! We thought there might be a little snow, but... check it out!!
There's a lot!! We brought our bikes and had new running shoes (Thanks Chris and Brony!) and found ourselves adjusting into snow mode!! JJ had fun figuring out how to slide on the snow patches. Shayna had fun blading though she didn't want her picture taken. The hot tub was especially nice, it was like 20-30 something outside!! We've had wonderful rest and are heading back to the valley tmw!! What a great week! Thank you Brestles!!