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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall in Missippi

Hi Mom....

It's a beautiful fall weekend out here- low 70's, the birds are singing, and we're looking at a week off for Thanksgiving break. So I decided first thing, I must do what I have had little time to do since we've been here... take you (via my camera) out on a walk around our campground. If there are ever moments where I feel cramped in Winnie, I just take myself out for a little walk and look out instead of in. And here are little bits of what I see!!

If I'm really energized I take a jog out along/across the reservoir, but the camera doesn't accompany me on those trips. The Saucony's do, however, so you are still with me!! I hope you enjoyed your little tour of our backyard. We are headed up to Nashville for Thanksgiving. We're bringing apple pie and Mush.
Love, Cher
P.S. Since I know you are a good spell-checker and noticed my last two titles, I better explain. This one, I am acclimating... down here they don't pronounce the state with four syllables, only three. As for Jo's, that's how he pronounced the gig: his "pre-formance".

Saturday, November 20, 2010

JoJo's preformance!

To kick off our Thanksgiving week, Jo's classes did a performance at school. He was so proud,
and the whole show was very good!! Surrounded by grandparents and the holidays, I caught myself missing family... but at the same time being very thankful for the opportunities for us here. Check out the videos below for some 3rd grade choral entertainment from the South, and Jo's solo!!

GOOD JOB JO!! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!