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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How many people does it take to.....

...fill up the Winnebago???

We first decided to test it out with Josiah's birthday party in March. He wanted to have a party at the house and take his friends on a little tour in Winnie... so we thought six six year olds?

(insert picture here)
(that is on the disc somewhere either packed or in my scrapbook pile....)

(to blog or not to blog?)
Insert: reality check. Our house is half way packed and we are starting to show to rentors. Right when I thought I was getting totally MORE organized, I thought... now where is that second disc from Costco?
And today it's JJ's turn, we had a BBQ at our house and a quick tour and gifts in Winnie, right after baseball on our backyard "field."

And a couple gifts. When JJ opened this one, he said "look Josiah! It's to use against you!"

(not sure Mom liked that response)Then we broke the record in Winnie. Total sixteen people, she did just fine!

Happy Birthday Kaler boys!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter, TT style....

Well it is finally Spring here in Seattle!! This means we may see the sun a little more, we're into baseball, and Greg has got to start mowing the lawn. (Every year he thinks the Easter Bunny needs tall grass so won't mow until after Easter.... a little issue I have, but anyway....)

Now that we have Winnie, absolutely anytime we have the chance we're off to "practice." At first we took great joy in driving to Wallmart (don't call us white trash, we didn't know where else to go!! At least its FLAT!) Then we figured out we can go to the park (see Josiah's birthday blog, coming soon.) Well just last week we got our Thousand Trails Membership information (a long process but great deal from e-bay!) and whadaya know... its off to camping we go!! all that long grass at home wasn't gonna hide any eggs for us this year. We went off to check out if the Easter Bunny could still find us if we're camping.
So we went out to a TT park in LaConner, home of the not-yet-since-its-been-freezing-all-winter-tulip festival. Shayna and I did find some daffodil fields, however.
We then got only a little lost (Greg hogs Gladys, you know) trying to find the TT park. Its on the edge of an Indian reservation right out by the water.
Since this was our first time checking out a TT park, and we went full bore with the "full time" option (so we can stay anywhere all year for free), I was a little nervous that it was going to be a dump and we'd be stuck with it.... but... Not bad!!
We had an enjoying evening of campfire roasting marshmellows (Jenny: next year we'll be roasting peeps!)JJ summed it up well when he said "You know, its easy for me to get excited a lot...being here I feel really relaxed!!" The next morning, Mom and Josiah were laid up with a bug, but whadaya know!! EB made it after all.... she brought some devotion books for while we're on the road, and had a big ole egg hunt for all the kids. JJ even got the "golden egg" for his age group, which meant a special prize.Shayna stayed back at home and made another egg hunt just for Josiah, and Greg came back with a full on breakfast. It absolutely dumped rain the remainder of the day, so we stayed inside, watched movies and appreciated the day. Overall it was a great Easter and we look forward to more holidays on the road, maybe with a little more sunshine. Later in the afternoon JJ chose a devotional for the day. We were a little humbled by what it said:

"The grass may be greener on the other side, but it still has to be mowed"

Ok Lord, you're on to us!! Happy Easter. He is Risen, indeed!!

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9