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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

Well Hello dear friends! Its been so long since we blogged, I will be amazed if anyone will even read this. But here's to a new house, finding our camera cord, and figuring this out on a Mac! Many things have changed for us but many things are still the same....Like our kids, playing hard and making new friends. Into sports and school and still helping mommy...
(This is how we entertain ourselves at brother's soccer tournaments. Jo fancies himself to play football next year...)
Our newest addition, "LIl Rebel" saying "I like the new house"....
Our first big hoo-rah in our new house was hosting Grandma Sue, Bob and Traci (and their little tongue dog....) to celebrate our March birthdays.

Cheryl is still rejoicing in her big kitchen and took her turn in whipping out some cakes....
(Good thing Sue helped!)
While Sue was down we went to Baton Rouge for a soccer tourney. It was fun to have a mini adventure with Grandma!
But most of all we loved getting the family together and reuniting. And for the rest of you, we are happy to get back in touch with you too..... We'll have more catch up blogs, but until then...
Happy Birthday Grandma Sue, Greg and J0!
(Thanks for the great visit!)