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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break Snow

What strange weather we're having! A snow/hail/sleet storm drove us out of Seattle last weekend, and we're off to an adventure in Central Oregon! We thought there might be a little snow, but... check it out!!
There's a lot!! We brought our bikes and had new running shoes (Thanks Chris and Brony!) and found ourselves adjusting into snow mode!! JJ had fun figuring out how to slide on the snow patches. Shayna had fun blading though she didn't want her picture taken. The hot tub was especially nice, it was like 20-30 something outside!! We've had wonderful rest and are heading back to the valley tmw!! What a great week! Thank you Brestles!!


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tina said...

yay!!! you had new stuff!! cant wait to see you tomorrow. So glad you have had a restful time. come ready for some fun, CHRISTENSON STYLE. HEE HEE. it looks beautiful there. talk to ya soon. tina

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Boy Cheryl. Your kids are getting so big. I'm always amazed, when I look at the pictures you post, at how much they've grown. You all make a beautiful family. Even if we are jealous that you guys were swimming in the sunshine while we were looking at white grass. :-)