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Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing in DC!

Hi Mom, Ron and friends!!

Well I made it to DC, after a 4 hour change of plane delay and a miraculous reuniting with my luggage. I took the metro from DCA to Union Station, where it was 8:o'clock my time and I was hungry, but 11:o'clock shut down time here. I forked out the money and took a taxi to Gallaudet (at my family's insistence), even though I had my new Saucony shoes and felt like I could walk....

side note, did you know the crime rate on Gallaudet students is significantly less than the general poplulation? It is a well known fact that around here if you are seen doing sign language you are left well enough alone. There are reports of muggings in the surrounding area of Gallaudet, but only to those priveleged hearing folks. (which I cleverly disguise myself as NOT one of them)..... ANYWAY....
Today my friend Wendy and I did some shopping and ventured out into the brisk cold air for a tour of Inauguration set up at the Capitol. As you can see it was a clear blue sky, and there are already lots of chairs up for the millions of people they are expecting. Lots of chairs and..
lots of toilets!
It was so cold out that by the time we walked from Union Station to the Capitol, my extra hot Starbucks drink was iced and I had to stop texting my friends cuz my fingers were about to fall off. When I took this picture, I had to take my scarf down off my mouth and smile...
Then my silly upper lip was frozen to my gums.

There is an overall reverance for history here, and you can feel it in the air, despite the cold. History of the past, and history in the making. I love this:

(aren't we always changing?) I could go on and on, but I have class in the morning so I'll leave you with this. I DID get to meet the main man, he happened to be standing around as I walked by...

Didn't say much but I guess he's saving that for Tuesday.
Thanks for checking in, have a great weekend and OH! Mary... I got you a metro ticket, this one's for you!!

(photos compliments of Wendy Schlitz, thank you friend!)

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