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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How many people does it take to.....

...fill up the Winnebago???

We first decided to test it out with Josiah's birthday party in March. He wanted to have a party at the house and take his friends on a little tour in Winnie... so we thought six six year olds?

(insert picture here)
(that is on the disc somewhere either packed or in my scrapbook pile....)

(to blog or not to blog?)
Insert: reality check. Our house is half way packed and we are starting to show to rentors. Right when I thought I was getting totally MORE organized, I thought... now where is that second disc from Costco?
And today it's JJ's turn, we had a BBQ at our house and a quick tour and gifts in Winnie, right after baseball on our backyard "field."

And a couple gifts. When JJ opened this one, he said "look Josiah! It's to use against you!"

(not sure Mom liked that response)Then we broke the record in Winnie. Total sixteen people, she did just fine!

Happy Birthday Kaler boys!!!

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Tania said...

Well just think, when you get back you will have clean house to organize all your stuff into. Sure sounds like fun partying going on in Winnie. Happy belated birthday Josiah and JJ!