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Galatians 5:1

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We left Gallaudet with mixed feelings of relief, sadness, and anticipation... as the Graduation ceremony in May was the highlight of our celebrating the accomplishment, this departure was tinged with the prospect of not seeing our Gally family again and the closure of this "travel to DC every summer" chapter of our lives. Dear, dear friends and amazing growth.

We drove straight back to Kentucky, all crammed up in Toby, then jumped back in Winnie and are now traveling South for some job interviews and hopefully the West Coast. It's a little ironic, actually, as we were all pretty excited about the prospect of Sabbatical being over... yet in reality, it feels as if its truly just beginning. Gone are the days of picking our city, working VRS, and exploring America on a whim... days where we were very much still in control of our destiny...


Anonymous said...

My friends...you have never been in control of your destiny..God has graced you with an amazing adventure and now its just going to look differant...(: and more mainstreem. I pray for gods grace if you were to get a job in the south....my hope of seeing you anytime soon will diminish greatly!! Gods will be done though. I miss you so much. tina

Josiah said...

I am having fun on sabbatical thanks for the support eeryone