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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"White as Snow"

Shayna has been thinking about giving her life to the Lord for awhile now, and decided she wanted to be baptized "out in nature" on Christmas day. Never mind now that most people around these parts choose to do it in the pool (in case Stumpy decides she's hungry while you're out in her territory)... Shayna would have none of that! It was to be in the Peace River on Christmas day, rain or shine!
Fortunately we had lots of shine, both from the warm winter sun and from our precious daughter. She gave her confession of faith on the shore, before her peers and several traveling comrades, and then she and Greg walked out to the middle of the river.
(she did give a little "brrrrrrr" as her bum sank down...)
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit....

Buried with Christ....
And risen with new life!!


Show Us The World said...

What a great place to do this! Congrats Shayna!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Love and hugs to Shayna!