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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home is....

A fluid term, indeed. Last Wednesday I (cheryl) boarded a plane to squeeze in a work weekend in Seattle to help get us through the rest of the internship (which is going quite well, by the way!!) It was blizzard conditions in Kentucky, the kind where the snow is blowing horizontally and stings your face. After a brief de-icing, the flight was uneventful, and I arrived to Seattle in its normal, wet concrete state... thinking how wierd is that, to travel around the country for 9 months, taking our time, seeing the sights, learning to chill.... only to (ziiiiiiiiiiip) fly back in 7 hours.

It's got me thinking about home.... the physical one I'll check on in Lynnwood while I'm here, the Winnie one missing its inhabitants, the future one .... ???? I think about those without one at all, those that share with many (thank you Browns!!), and our ultimate Home. I'm thinking about my precious family hanging out in the dorms, while I galavant around and get to see some of their friends. I'm thinking of my precious hubby, home in my heart, who misses Florida and has done all the laundry all year....

Wow, I am blessed.

Let me send out some love to my precious family... Happy Valentines Day, you Kaler Kiddoes... Bring on the blizzards, I'll be 'home' soon! -Mom

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