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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet McSquizzy!

We finally got a weekend of sunshine, but more importantly, we got a visitor!!!
Meet McSquizzy!! McSquizzy came all the way from Australia, to Seattle, and then to Kentucky. In Seattle the SND class got her all ready for an action packed vacation with the Kaler family. For our first weekend of sunshine, we took her out to see a historic Shakertown village.
The Shakers are known for their craftsmanship and devotion to God and community.
This village in Pleasant Hill has been preserved for adventurers like us!
(look at the door at the top of the building. Its the highest point in the county, where Shaker villagers would watch for armies coming during the Civil War. They were neutral and helped care for both armies, but made sure they weren't there at the same time. Anyway, keep that door in mind for later.)
McSquizzy got to try her paw at stitching!

McSquizzy wanted to find out about this giant creature sniffing her, so she sniffed it back!!

She also got to taste some maple tree sap, which was being collected to make maple syrup.

She enjoyed checking out the village....

and seeing things from new heights.

and new temperatures!!!

The only mishap of the day was a three story headlong fall down the staircase bannister (in the tallest building of Mercer county.) McSquizzy really startled the Shaker woman in the rocking chair when she flew by her head and landed right at her feet!!
McSquizzy is liking the adventures and making new friends. Stay tuned!!


little castle said...

Oh, it is so lovely there! Even with the snow. Nice to meet McSquizzy.

I'm listening, are you? said...

You guys look like you're havin a blast!! How fun!!

Uncle Vern said...

I miss you guys!!

p.s. In case you were wondering, I'm the one who posted the previous note.