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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Visiting LA

Oh.... the waiting, and the limbo. For all of you who keep asking "so when are you coming back?" or "Do you know where you're going next?" to you we answer, welcome to our angst. We don't know, we are waiting, we are praying. (do join us!) Meanwhile, Cheryl had an interview in LA last weekend and had the momentary bliss of flying "home." It was great to see my family, the kitties, even drive the mini-van....(yes! we are getting sick of the five of us in the Honda!) I got to catch up with Wapshaw and spend an awesome day with my bro and his fam. The only time I whipped out the camera was at the beach... a cold June gloom evening, which was quite refreshing after this Kentucky heat.

Aren't we getting big and CUTE??!!!
P.S. The interview was quite the enjoyable experience, and I hope they take the risk in hiring a nut like me. If not, we might have to just come back to LA anyway! Ultimately we know God is in control, and there's no sense in doubting Him now!! Hugs

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