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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale is quite the contrast after coming from Stumpy and Peace River. Welcome to tourism, and a blast of big city squished right up as close to the water as possible!!
There are draw bridges going out to all the barrier islands and beaches. When we first arrived we caught the draw bridge up.
The buildings are this odd part of the landscaping... but part of what makes this town itself, so beautiful in its own way. We decided to try to find a less crowded place to enjoy the surf, and headed out to a state park a little farther south.

The boys had just as much fun trying to surf down the sand hill as out in the Atlantic!
This one is working on becoming a runner. She's pretty good about keeping mom moving when we get out and about... (oh, I do remember the days......)

We still love learning about all of God's amazing creations as we stumble upon them in our travels. Here is our treat of this trip: we think its why there was a red flag on the surf warning sign (waves were ok but there was something about dangerous creatures.?) Its a jelly fish like we've never seen out on the West coast...

Beauty, ain't it?!!

Now we're heading off for some more beach time out in the Bahamas. See you there!!

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