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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Welcome back, to the Grand Bahama Island! We took a short cruise to spend the day out at our favorite little spot from last year: Paradise Cove. It's where JJ met the Eagle Ray last year, and where we decided would be the best place to celebrate 15 years!!
It was low tide for most of our day out here... which meant when we snorkeled out, we had to be extra careful not to step on or accidentally touch any of the coral.
Like a dork, Mom forgot her underwater camera. So you only get land shots this time.
We did see lots of fish, and got to swim amongst a pod of sea turtles!! One of them turned to look at us and looked like he was trying to say something. Only bubbles came out of his mouth. We think he was inviting us to follow along, cuz he didn't seem one bit bothered that we were there with him. He took us along where we got to see a bunch of his friends!! They are graceful and cute, going from eating the sea grass on the bottom to taking a breath up on top. Their big front flippers circle around in arcs and makes it look like they can fly!!
Happy Anniversary Baby!!

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