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Monday, December 15, 2008

Early White Christmas

Christmas Eve at the Kalers!! So here is how we come up with brilliant ideas like this one... Shayna is processing how we are going to be in sunshine all next year and not even near the snow, and she started desperately dreaming of a white Christmas. It was Saturday in December, with a forecast of snow for that night. We started thinking... so what if we make tonight Christmas Eve?? We'll be in LA this year for the actual day, so......We started looking for our stockings. Aack!! Greg actually cleaned and organized the garage this year, so well, we can't find them. So the kids write a little note to Santa.... "we are having an early Christmas and we can't find our stockings. Help us please?" We had a nice night of advent, one gift each. Snuggly blankets, a remote lantern for JJ... and lots of good love. And as the night went on, sure enough..........

Jack Frost came to town! Watch for sledding pics soon!

Merry Christmas!!!

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