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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday me!!

Here it is.... me and my brand new laptop.... (its blue) and my promise to blog once a week!
I just finished up with an amazing birthday weekend, thanks to my precious kiddoes and my amazing hubby. Greg surprised us all by making his very first cake EVER. He pulled it off, despite some serious smoke in the kitchen and realizing that using pie tins makes the thing look like the Space Needle!

Believe it or not, it was the best darn cake I've tasted in a long while! Major points for hubby!!

My friends even liked it too. By the way Mom, the Eddie Bauer sweater and skirt fit great, it is warm and wintery and stylin' too. I got a compliment on it at church today :)

Thanks for making my birthday amazing!! Hope you enjoy the blogging groove, I believe I have some catching up to do!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy for my ownnnnnnnnnnnnn lap topppppppppppp!!! (I'll try to get some homework done too..... )

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Bronwyn said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday! Looks like it was wonderful...cake and a computer...WOW! You lucky girl!