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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas

WANTED…Kaler Family OF five.

Gregory Brian, 41. P.E. Teacher and alleged RV shopper. Often at basketball courts attempting lay-ins despite his age. Self inflicted buzz haircut. Last seen: test driving an SUV.

Cheryl Anne, 37. Interpreter and aspiring counselor. Strangely missing from scrapbooking venues for over a year. Frequently found behind laptop, disguising blogging addiction with excuse of homework. Watch for concealed Dr. Pepper. Last seen: random TV’s throughout the nation wearing strange ear piece.

Shayna Renee, 10. Origami jewelry artist. Eyebrows clearly recognizable protruding beyond edge of a book. Frequently found near kittens. Last seen: eating vegetarian cuisine and looking for her glasses.

Jeremiah Gregory, 8. Baseball card trading entrepreneur. AKA “Fancy Footwork”. Warning: will outrun in pursuit. Similar buzz cut as his father can be seen under baseball cap of choice. Last seen: posing as a Red Sox fan.

Josiah Harold, 6. Card shark extraordinaire. Leaves trail of toys, clothes, or crumbs along almost every path. Dangerous if armed with markers. Last seen: digging through your family game closet.

This family is plotting hooky for an entire year, disguised as “sabbatical.” Will attempt to smuggle children over U.S. borders. Easily recognizable at baseball stadiums wearing hostile Mariners gear. Please watch your doorstep in case they seek refuge from 28x8 ft mobile living quarters. Recommend providing hot meal and counseling.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! HUGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Bronwyn said...

YEAH!!!! A blog update! We LOVE it and look forward to lots more posts from the crazy sabbaticalers. (grin)