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Friday, December 11, 2009


HI! Happy Birthday me...!!
Look, here is Greg trying to age me even more by saying I'm 83...

(that would be backwards signing 38, uhm uhm....)
We took off on our cruise from Port Canaveral... it was a cool and breezy day, but after seeing more manatees, a sea turtle, and dolphins as we were pulling out of port, we knew we were up for a special trip!! It was rocky on the way out the first night, but a little seasickness was easy to forget, the silly boat had everything!.. restaurants, water slide, dancing, kids programs...

But of course we were really after the scenery and the EDUCATION of it all. I mean, we were so clueless we didn't know if the Bahamas was a territory, a country, did they have thier own money, or what? We were very soon to find out.... right after our first lesson: look at that sun!!
And that water sure looks good!
(more soon)

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Tania said...

Can't wait for more. Looks beautiful!