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Friday, December 11, 2009


So, The Bahamas are actually an independent country, part of the Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth (just like Canada), with their own representative in government and thier own money. We were so happy to ask for Bahemian change, we got to collect some really cool bills and coins. They have ocean animals on all their coins and they even have a half-dollar bill!!
Our next port stop was in Nassau, which is the capital of the Bahamas on Paradise Island. Nassau is where many rich Americans have thier "vacation homes" and where there are tons of resorts. We spent the day out on the public beach next to Atlantis, where we enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, met more people from Seattle (who said it was in the teens, sorry guys!) and had fun playing with new friends.
Then we took a boat trip out to another snorkeling place. We had so much fun yesterday, we had to do it again!
We went out to a little cay that is supposedly owned by Eddie Murphy, though it is a deserted resort since the economic hard times. The water was a bit deeper here, about 8 feet.

Jo got in completely this time!
We all took turns playing with our ebay underwater camera. So....
(you know how that goes. )
The fish were really fun to watch! They were bigger out here...

After JJ's ray encounter, imagine our reaction when we saw this!!
(Just kidding). After our snorkel, we went and checked out the Atlantis hotel and aquarium..
Where JJ got to look at rays at a more comfortable distance!!

oh... sigh, good-bye, Nassau!!
Good times.


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