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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kentucky Horse Park

Lexington is known as "the horse capital of the world."
It has the Kentucky Horse Park, where we got to visit several retired race horses, like Funny Cide (who once won the Kentucky Derby), Cigar (the second most winningest horse in North America), Da Hoss, and Staying Together.
They were all 15 to 18 hands high.
Everybody in Kentucky knows horse names. Especially the statue above, Man-o-War. He was a big Kentucky Derby Horse. Ever seen Sea Biscuit? He beat "War Admiral", Man-o-War's son. We've met quite a few families who have farms around here with descendants from that line.
(its a really big deal!)
We rode in a horse drawn trolley and got to visit with the ferrier...
(the guy who takes care of the horses feet. Or rather, their nails.)
He spent a lot of time with us and gave us horse shoes from a horse named Sandy.
The Kentucky Horse Park will host the 2010 Equestrian games this summer. Its like the Olympics on horses, and it's the first time its ever been held outside of Europe!
(Puffkins, McSquizzy and Joey were impressed.)

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