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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Spring!!

Check us out!! Awhile ago we went to a "civil war trade show" and got to learn all about making bullets, crafts, games.....
We let McSquizzy and Puffkins do most of the fraternizing.... (people like them, especially thier stories!)
And we also scored on a couple good tools. Ever since then Shayna has a new hobby (you'll see below...)
Meanwhile, it's Spring!! The Kentucky bluegrass is starting to grow (its what makes the thoroughbreds really strong, did you know?)
and the birdies like it too.

Here is Shayna's cool tool.... do you know what she does with it?
(Hint, she had to wait for the Spring sunshine to use it.)

She got the idea from a guy down in Florida who was at the beach making "it's five o'clock somewhere" signs. She's so creative. But I don't know if this hobby would survive in Seattle...
Meanwhile, all is well with the internship (four more weeks!) and we look forward to getting the crew out and about next week over Spring Break. Good ol' Winnie is ready to be de-winterized, if we can get her charged up! She is good and dead over in storage, ouch!! And we are going to try to get the kids out of thier books and into the woods again, catching fish. Look, they've spent so much time in the library with homeschooling over the winter, they are famous!!

Happy Spring, friends!!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Thanks for sharing Shayna's new hobby! I think my boys will really enjoy giving it a try! Burning the wood has to be more satisfying then burning the fire ants, right?:)

Tania said...

That is such a cool hobby Shayna. Can't wait to see what all you make. Congrats on the news article. :) Love you guys, have a great break.

Penny said...

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