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Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter!

For Easter this year we got to join KSD with their egg hunt, which was a cooperative relay effort. As the intern I had the great idea that they should take turns and race out to get the eggs, like me and my brothers used to when we got old enough to need some competetive excitement. As the intern I didn't know that we had enough eggs for each student to get 25 EACH... which meant when the relay was finally over, each team had raced out on that lawn 125 times!! We modified the marathon toward the end, but it was good fun and everyone wondered "why is it so much easier to get exercise when you are chasing after candy?"
Then later we rejoined Winnie (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, welcome home.....) and got back into life on the road, even for a week. Amen for rebirth indeed... we are all so happy in Winnie, its kinda wierd. It's been almost a year! So we made it up to Indiana, stayed at a TT camp, met up with the bunny, did a little local church, soaked up Indy, and then made it out to the fresh air--- our next blog. Hey Ron, remember when you dressed up as the bunny for Jo's birthday party in Lynnwood? It's all we could think about when we saw this dude...
Thinking of you!! Love ya!

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