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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Training for the Derby...

This is the "Long Run" horse farm where Shayna does her riding lessons every week..

And look who landed this Spring!

(pictured here, 4 days old)
And then there's Shayna...
working hard, ready to take Puffkins to the Derby...
Where they will meet in the winners circle and put a ring of flowers around her head!!
(They do really still wear hats like this at the Derby. See "Dreamer" if you want to get ready!! Coming soon.)


Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun and hard work! Keep it up Shayna!

Question for you Kaler children. My brother and I are going to fly down to Califorina to go to Disneyland and then will meet up with our parents to drive home. If you could reccomend one not to miss place between San Fransisco and Seattle what would it be?

Thank you!


Sabbatical, Phase 5- Internship... said...

Hi Jenna!!! here you have it... :)

Josiah says “Crater Lake” (we haven’t been there yet but we want to and its seems like an amazing place”), Shayna says “Float the Deschutes river in Bend!” JJ says one of the National Parks, like Yosemite or the Redwoods forest. Shayna modifies, “oooooh! You better go to the Redwood Forest!!”
And then, as a post script, Josiah adds “make sure you go to the beach, and Shayna: “you could always just go to a book store!”
Hope you have a great trip! Happy travels!! -Kaler kids