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Friday, April 9, 2010

Natural Bridge, KY

For Spring Break, we spent some time EXTREMELY HAPPY back in Winnie, checking out the scenery in Kentucky. Our first stop after Indiana was out to see "Natural Bridge"....
We were surprised to find out that there are hundreds of natural bridges like this in the area.... (people in Virginia think that big tourist stop is the only one....!) This one is accessible by hiking, so we took a couple trips up to the top and actually walked across it.

JJ took McSquizzy up for a special trip of her own!!!

(She is so brave!!)
We had a great tme camping, meeting other travelling kindred spirits and goofing off in the river.
We also got to hike around some of the caves.... another amazing geological feature in this part of the country. The caves are so cool..... you can just stand there and catch a refreshing breeze no matter how hot it is outside.

The limestone rocks make for amazing creations!

Everybody with us now, on three say "ahhhhhhh......"
(one, two, three....)
We love to be outdoors!!
We are back hanging in the Fred now, with several promising trips planned while we finish out the year. Thanks for checking in and all your support.... the NCE is done, and three more weeks til Cheryl flips the tassel!!!

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

If I remember correctly the Natural Bridge in VA is also a bit pricey, isn't it? Oh well, it's been awhile. We're planning to see Alabama's natural bridge in the next month or so. Now I'm curious as to how many states have a natural bridge? May have to assign that one to the kids. LOL At any rate, we'll be in KY next month so I may just need to hunt this one up- looks like fun! Blessings!:)