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Sunday, May 16, 2010

McSquizzy sees DC....

A little post graduation hop at our favorite duck spot, before we take McSquizzy out for her first tour of DC!!
Whadaya know, it started raining.

So we took in the sights from the car. Here is one of the Smithsonian Museums of Art...
and then it stopped raining! So we got out for the Washington Monument.
Go McSquizzy Go!!
And then, typical of all our wierd weather patterns this year, it started hailing.

We had a moment to enjoy the aftermath
(getting Daddy)
And then it poured, poured, poured, with a wonderful lightning show while we drove south through Virginia. We were actually going to tent camp tonight, but the rangers at Chesapeake had a better idea... they let us hang out in the lounge!!
(Don't tell but man were we thankful!!)
(We love Thousand Trails.)
Good night friends! Next stop, the Outer Banks!!


Show Us The World said...

We are in the Outdoor World in Williamsburg, having just left TT's in Chesapeake. Bummer that we missed you. =(

Anonymous said...

Amen on the weird weather patterns!! We had snow in Zion this week. So excited for your graduation, Cheryl!