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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

next step...

We've had a whirlwind of excitement wrapping up our internship here at KSD.... between finishing up soccer (Greg and the kids ran an intermural soccer league after school, what a blast...), saying goodbye (much harder than Cheryl expected....), and a funky internet connection (the system crashed at the school and we lost our wireless...), well lets just say its been difficult to blog. Now we find ourselves packing up Winnie (wait! how did we get so many books?!) and also packing up Toby (who has a new rear end after his time in Kentucky, looking much younger...) for a little celebration trip to DC. Hopefully we'll be able to keep you up on the excitement, which is likely to include:

-Checking out Charleston, West Virginia (see that little hole on the map to the right? Its been bugging us this whole trip. We are gonna fill it.)

-Taking McSquizzy to the Nation's Capital (that Kangaroo needs some excitement before school is out!)

-Celebrating Mommy's graduation (even though she's not quite done, it calls for a partay... check out the hooding live Thursday May 13 at 4pm EST [that's 1:pm for you west coasters] at http://atweb.gallaudet.edu/videoevent/2010/hooding/source.asp )

-Outer Banks, take two... (those of you who remember our first attempt might be especially interested in the second attempt, for our appendix-less girl's birthday!)

All in all we are feeling so fortunate for our time here in Kentucky... but also quite excited for the "next step." We are going back into "mobile" mode and will let you know the fun along the way!! Meanwhile, we're packing up!! HUGS!!!


Anonymous said...

Cheryl - we left southern CA on Saturday and we were so SAD to leave! We LOVED it!!!

Congrats on your graduation!!!

Do you know what's next, yet? Keep us posted. Maybe we'll cross paths again? We're at Zion in Utah today (where it SNOWED this morning - crazy), headed to Grand Canyon, then to Arches, then up into CO before heading back to TN in late July.

Hi to all your family!!!

Jenny said...


Lisa, Hilde, Mary and I all got to watch you cross that stage!! We were so happy for you!! Way to go!! All our love and we were whooping it up for you!!