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Monday, May 24, 2010

Update, Summertime....

School is out already for this part of Kentucky, and the kids think they should get the "start with the West, end with the East" deal this year... but Alas! Their parents are smarter than that. We are finishing up some projects, mainly a hand drawn map of our travels this year and highlights from some favorite spots. They have been working on a "museum" that they are anxious to set up, as soon as we have a place to do that.

I know its almost summer as we are delighted to meet several travelers from the west coast at our camp... and its getting hot. We have a spotty cell signal at our camp (know you'll likely have to leave a message if you try to call). The boys are full swing in their baseball seasons, which is fun, but also a challenge to manage with one car (the "scheduled lifestyle" is so much easier with two cars!!) We are hanging here, working and enjoying baseball, until we head back to DC in July.

I'll leave you with a couple of Josiah's latest quotes.....

"Mom, how did you get the message from the sanitary police that all children had to take a shower??"

"I see that the popularity of random junk is rising on my bunk. Perhaps I should make a deduction."

"Wow, you've been married almost 15 years? Not that you can tell in your communication, no offense."

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Anonymous said...

(He is funny!)

We won't be in Nashville Aug 2-3, we'll be backpacking in the Appalachians.

TH and Gret may be at our house with my parents.

You are welcome to stay at our house, in our driveway, use our kitchen and baths... Whatever you need.

We will be there the week before that and the week after that.

August can be yucky in Nashville. We can tell you about a good swimming hole. (and if you're ever in the smokies: DEEP CREEK! fun ride on an innertube)

We're still doing school, too!