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Sunday, August 24, 2008

bye Nana

Sunday Morning we went out on Vern's boat to share family time and remember our Nana. (It is one of those "unbloggable" moments, even though I make an attempt...). I love my brother Vern so much. He had flowers for us all to release in the water... thanks Vern for having and sharing the boat, and for the time together. Thank you Lord for my Nana, who helped me know how much You love me and are always there to listen to me. Thank you that she rests with you. Thanks for still hearing my prayers. Thank you for my family.

The boat ride was successful emotionally as well as physically (nobody puked.) All in all there was only one near casualty, and that was the croc. (I swear, we have a hard time keeping crocs in vehicles!)
Greg attempted a rescue manuever.
And failed. So he called in reinforcemtents....

And they got it!! No lost croc after all!!

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