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Friday, August 15, 2008

Gally ropes course

Our last week out at Gally, the awesome folks at the Discovery ropes course welcomed our family for their own little private challenge. Another group was supposed to join them, but they didn't show so they had the whole course to themselves. First, they warmed up on the ground.

Then they got all ready to go and Greg had fun picking them up by their harnesses.....
The first thing they did was climb up this whole rope net thing... a staff was waiting for them at the top but they had to do the whole thing on their own. (I'm glad I was gone at class at this point... I think I might have died watching them do this!!)

Shayna said it was a "piece of cake".

Once they got up top, the staff guy hooked them up to a different safety line and they walked the high wire to another platform.

All by themselves!!

Once they got to the second platform, they got hooked up to a zip line, and swung away!!!

Can you imagine??!!! Greg said they were "fearless little turkeys!!" (They didn't get that from me!!! )

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