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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Longest Walk

One of the weekends in DC, part of our class went down to the White House lawn to welcome in various Native American tribes people on the last leg of their trek across America (from San Franciso to DC) on what they called "The Longest Walk II". The prayer walk took 5 months, and was a cry to the government and to the people to protect the earth as well as the native people's rights to their sacred burial grounds.

The original "longest walk" was 30 years ago, and there was approx 20,000 tribes people who participated. This one was much smaller, but it was very powerful just the same.
A couple celebreties participated, including Hannah (what's her last name?) the blonde above.
They had various ceremonies, songs, dances and talks that took place throughout the weekend. They set up teepees on the lawn (below). It was a very moving event, and I hope we always remember their spirit and their message. More info? check out http://www.longestwalk.org/

Photos courtesy of Wendy Schlitz

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