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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lake Cushman, plus....??

Hello die hard family and friends!! Now that we are back home in Seattle, I know you are a true friend if you are still reading this. Smile!!!
Last Saturday we had sunshine in Seattle. Wooohaw! Since we've been back we've had about total 7 days. Anyway, we decided to hop out to Lake Cushman with no other plans than to get our cool little boat out of the box and enjoy it (it's been awhile!). We had a great day at the lake, goofing off and loving the weather. As it got dark we decided we better head out and figure out where we were gonna sleep for the night... (Daddy wanted hotel, kids wanted camping....) well everything was booked so we went for the only thing available, an RV lot.
We woke up the next morning (we slept in the van!! Flashbacks to driving across the country!!) and we were quite pleased to our accomodations. An awesome view of the sound, a hot tub, laundry facilities, cocoa inside, friendly RV people.... we started thinking, this is kinda cool!! We just need a little more comfortable beds!!
Then it started raining and we had to get the flock outa there. It's been raining ever since.
Oh sigh, I thought blogging this would help me forget about the rain. Oh well. So now instead we're thinking about tent trailers. For a year. In the sun.....
Meanwhile school is starting next week and we really are back in Seattle for awhile... hope all of you are ready for a great year and stay in touch!! Hugs -C


Anonymous said...

What a fun summer! Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda C. said...

Dude!! U know I'm a die hard blogger buddy!! Only way I can keep up with my gal pal!!! U all have had an amazing 2 summers!!! What a treat to bear witness to it all!!!