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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LA weekend

Sometimes we do crazy things, and then sometimes... even crazier. This weekend Shayna and I drove the van and a few things down to LA, as part of our downsizing efforts. The main two things to transport were our two kitties...

So the plan was I get the cats into the box and then drive to school and get Shayna, and we get an early start on Friday. Well the problems started with "I get the cats into the box." Those kitties were so on to me... I got scratched, ditched and evaded in enough manuevers that I had to botch that whole part of the plan, and bring in reinforcements!! So I went and got Shayna first. That was a better plan.
Then we hit Mariner traffic in Seattle, and three hours later we were barely in Olympia. But the cats settled in and we were determined to visit our dear friend Jessy before the night was over... and we did it!! Squeezed into Coldrock in Salem right at closing time and YaaaaaaaaaYYYYY! (We love you Jessy! thanks for the visit!!)
We then made it on to Lebanon by midnight, where we slept so good and only slightly ticked off our friend"s cat Heidi, who hissed at us all night from the door. We woke up to a beautiful morning in Oregon, visited my aunt and uncle in Eugene for breakfast, and away we went....
The cats did great and we trucked through California all day on Saturday. At one point we stopped for a break (in the 102 heat) and decided it was safe to let Ginger out for a stretch. Here we are in the desert....Doesn't that look like fun? We made it to LA by 11pm, everybody in one piece. I was feeling quite accomplished (even though I could hardly walk, my knees and feet were so swollen!)

The next morning the serious fun began. It was Shayna's birthday, and my mom treated us to a horse back ride in Rancho Palos Verdes.

What a great way to start off her special day!!!

Then we had a little party in her honor... got the family all around

Had a little b-day cake....

Gathered up some cousins and had a little Wapshaw fun.....(a lot of fun, actually!..)

All of that would have been enough, but we even got an EARTHQUAKE after the party!! All that plus a BUCKET OF COOKIE DOUGH made it, according to Shayna, "The Best Birthday ever!"

The next day we made sure the kitties were settled in and said our goodbyes. God bless you,

Buttercup and Ginger, and all our family and friends in LA!!! HUGGGGGGGSSSSSS!!

We hope to see you again



Bronwyn said...

What a special memory for you and Shayna! Sounds like good fun! Wish we could see you too!

Iff-Mo Wapshaw said...

Who are those HOT MAMAS...why it's WAPSHAW! It was great to see everyone! Love ya lots!

Nick Loyd said...

Looks like Shayna, you had a great day. Love the candles on your cake. =) Glad you were able to help get your mom and kitties there and back safe. Love Tania