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Monday, May 25, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls

Those pics were all taken by Shayna, by the way. We are out on a birthday weekend with friends and hiked Snoqualmie falls.
It was a great hike... we hadn't quite expecited that is one of the most popular hikes in the Seattle area, and especially today! We were a little overwhelmed by all the people but managed to find a spot down by the river to "call our own".
Well worth the effort and thanks big thanks to Marilyn for all the support!!
As for camping... Cheryl had some huge revelations this weekend, geting to manage the Winnefred on her own. First little mishap was when one of the girls locked our bathroom door, and shut it... and we have no key??! It took me a few tries but I did manage to get it unlocked with our handy dandy all purpose screwdriver, that I thankfully just packed up yesterday. Revelation: do pack everything.
The second is that we decided that the printer is going on Sabbatical. So it was there... just calling me.... until it finally got a message into my thick skull that I can print pictures on the road! Low and behold, I plugged that baby in and scrapbooked a cute little momento for the girls this weekend. It was pure joy. Second revelation: do pack everything.
So we're off to rejoin Greg and finish getting the rest of our stuff.... here are a few more photos of the campgound here... WE LOVE IT and hope to have a few more retreats here before we head out. Thanks for checking in!!!

Weekend: Success!!!

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Tania said...

That looks like a really fun b-day weekend. And what a good photographer you are Shayna.