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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Freezing in Florida...

Our last week here in Florida has been freezing... this morning we woke up to 28 degrees. However, the sun is still shining and the people are still friendly. Most of the natives seem to be excited to get to wear some winter clothes. All the snowbirds are wishing they brought some!!!
The weather here in Florida is kinda whacky. Just a couple weeks ago we went down to Key Largo and the Biscayne National Park on the Atlantic shore, and it was so hot we had to buy a fan to hang in our tent so we could sleep.
We were hoping to go snorkeling again, but the next day it was going to rain and was super windy, so we bagged it. But we did enjoy their indoor aquarium and saw a great movie that featured many of the same fish we had seen in the Bahamas.
And now here we are, freezing at night and getting up to 50-60 during the day. It was under these conditions that we went out to the Canaveral National Seashore (right by the Kennedy space center) to celebrate our anniversary. (we got the numbers right this time.....)
We loved this day of homeschooling which started out with our kids making us chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then learning about the land and water managment at the wildlife center and seeing all the cool birds that are wintering here. We got amazing views of entire flocks of birds taking off in flight from the water.... you know sometimes you wonder if that little out of the way drive the ranger suggests will be worth it? Well, they always are!!
The fish, however, are not faring so well. The extreme temperature changes had many of the fish in shock and washing up half dead on the shore. The rangers had rescued some juvenile turtles that were also in shock, and I'm sure they've gotten many more through the week as the temps have stayed so cold.
Our surprise of the day were these friendly looking wild hogs along the road!!
Happy Anniversary, baby!!


little castle said...

Happy Anniversary!

While the hogs look friendly, from what I understand, they are not! I have yet to have encountered them but Nathan has before.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Happy Anniversary!

I agree, the feral pigs are not friendly. We saw some in Virginia and they are actually quite destructive.

BTW, we're freezing in Alabama too. Are you sure you want to head to Kentucky?

Sabbatical, Phase 5- Internship... said...

yes I know... they can be really destructive and we were a little scared during our stare down. I was actually being sarcastic with the friendly comment!! lucky they were harmless with us!!

And yes, we're a bit terrified for the weather up north... but away we go (lord hear our prayer....)