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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Linkin' up!!!

Look! You can have really interesting visitors when you live in an RV park....

these are sandhill cranes, and they love to fly through camp and make really loud taradactyl sounds. They're actually another threatened species, so we are happy to hear them squak overhead, and (uhm uhm) see them mate in our backyard... http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/education/interactive/springscoast/sandhillcranes.shtml

We've had other cool visitors this week, some of you from Seattle might know them. You might even follow their blog, they are on a one year road trip (just like us!!). We were so happy to see our friends the Links, time went too fast and we could have spent a week. They are a little too popular though, even strangers were coming by and taking pictures of thier rig....

Yes, even RVers are impressed with a set up like that! Their kids sleep on top, and Troy and Katie sleep in the back. The kids loved giving "tours" of each others homes, and we sure did have a good time!!! We spent most of our time enjoying the warmth and each others company in Winnie... until Katie let it slip that is was actually her birthday, and then the girls got busy in whipping up the funnest little surprise party ever. With chocolate frosting pancake cake, sprinkles and all... and gifts, and food, and laughs, and games.... we sure love you guys!! Thanks for our time to "Link up" and may God ever guide our wandering vehicles, while our hearts stay on Him!!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

follow thier adventure at http://timberwoodlinks.wordpress.com/

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Anonymous said...

Love it Cheryl. I'm going to go try to update ours! THis is so good, maybe I'll just link to yours.