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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our arrival to Kentucky was in the middle of a cold snap... many of the hills and cliffs had icicles that made the kids think "we're in Narnia!!"
Since our arrival it has warmed up a bit and melted, and next few days have serious snow in the forcast, we'll see how it goes. We'll also be here in Kentucky awhile.... you're likely to get quite a few Kentuckian adventures. We are already enjoying the benefits of settling down for awhile, especially.... the library! The boys are also playing Upward basketball and loving that. We are in cultural encounter mode, realizing this state is serious about a few things: horses... and basketball. And cheerleading. The upward teams have cheerleaders (Gimmie a V! Dot that i! circle that C.......T-O-R-Y! too cute) And apparently Obama even called the UK basketball coach yesterday, congratulating them on thier Haiti fundraising... (but he messed up thier undeafeted record....)... anyway, we're in for some good learning and all is well. Mom is busy with her internship so kids will probably keep you updated about once a week. HUGS

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Jarren and Erin said...

DEFINITELY go to Mammoth Caves if you can. That was one of the highlights from our roadtrip two years ago.

We did the "Historic Tour" and absolutely loved it. In hindsight, we would have stayed an entire week and done every tour they had... but who knew that Kentucky would be cool?

Kentucky also has the Corvette Hall of Fame, and they make Louisville Slugger bats there. I only wish we had planned more time so we could have seen more!