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Friday, January 1, 2010

Peace River Blessings

First of all, we must bid our farewell... We have sent off St. Puffkins to the other side of the states, and heard he has arrived safely and enjoying some cold weather in Seattle. Don't freeze Puffkins!! We miss you!! (yes, we need a dog....)And now, we shall attempt to catch you up on the latest blessings of our lives, all happening in a little town outside of Zolfo Springs, Fl. I know it will be impossible to catch them all in one blog, but we'll try!!

First of all, Christmas was spent in the comfort of our now-well-accustomed and can't-imagine-being-anywhere-else Winnebago. And even though we are totally acclimated to Florida weather and freeze our buns off with the rest of Floridians when it gets under 60, do you know what Santa brought us?? SNOW!!

We had enjoyed a candle light service at the campground chapel, then came home to bake a birthday cake for Jesus. We added a new ingredient this year, crushed peppermint in the frosting (mmmm, mmmmm good!!) In the morning we awoke to find "snow" all over the floor and all over our presents, and we had fun having some snow ball fights (though the snowballs wouldn't stick together at all.) Here are the boys in their new t-shirts from Gran, having fun being twins.

(Santa apparently also brought Shayna a couple more inches.) Also pictured, Huskie with his new shirt from Santa, and Sherpa (the Himalayan mountain guide to Mt Everest. And guarder of Shayna's bed) After our gifts, we went to a potluck Christmas meal in the rec hall, where we enjoyed delicious food, and made even more friends. The people we've met along the road have made this travel adventure truly amazing, and especially here at Peace River! We are so blessed to have gotten to spend the holidays with a wonderful community of people. The time has radically changed how we view community and likely how we will live out the rest of our lives!!

Another thing we discovered at Peace River turned out to be one more cool sabbatical surprise: fossil digging. I didn't believe it at first, but more and more people kept telling us about all the fossils you can dig up right down in Stumpy's river. So mommy would go on gator watch and the kids would start digging away.... we found shark teeth, manta ray plates, armadillo and turtle shells, turtle claws....
Talk about amazing! And science for the month... plus nice craft projects for Shayna!! Check out more info at http://www.paleocurrents.com/docs/peace_river_fl.html and watch out for your shark tooth necklace coming soon!!

Being blessed by our friends Bill and Jennifer Smith http://www.hismercyseat.blogspot.com/ ... thanks for the fellowship, the laughter and for the encouragement of your traveling ministry!! Keep on rockin!!! (btw the kids are still laughing about the iddy-biddy-ladon teeth....) Bringing in the new year under a Blue moon in the bright Florida sky... with our friends (more like family) Judy & Ray from North Carolina, and Barbie & Orvin from Seattle. These four gave us soooooo much love and good fellowship (and great food too!! wowza!!), our hearts are still full. We also met another Family on the Road, the Showalters... what a joy to share stories and meet their teenage son, Austin! Crystal also got some cute pics of Josiah bustin a move, check out thier blog at http://showustheworld.blogspot.com/2010/01/happy-new-year.html

Definately been an amazing year for the Kalers..... Thanks to all our Peace River friends for making life beautiful, and for all the hugs. Thanks to you all for checking in and for continual love and support!!
Happy New Year!!!
May 2010 bring you life to the fullest.
(and lotsa cool shells.)

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Looks like you are having a great time in Florida!

I have a blog award for you at my blog. I hope you'll stop by and pick it up.