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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

12 good years....

First of all, Shayna has grown so much this year (in more ways than just height..) it is an extra special joy to celebrate her birthday this weekend in the Outer Banks. She is thrilled to be here (healthy) and be able to walk (and run) along the beach!
But little did she know, we had a couple surprises up our sleeves, especially for her. First, we sent her off on our traditional birthday scavenger hunt... which included a clue that she would find in Manteo (thats a little town on Roanoke Island, the first English "lost colony"...)
It's also where they do parasailing. It's been her dream to do this all sabbatical, and finally it came true!! We were going to send up her and JJ, but the wind started picking up (do you love the hair?!!) and they were too light, so Greg had to go along to keep them from blowing eternally behind the boat (some good solid weight to bring them down.)

Getting ready to be harnessed up!
up, up and away!!!

Shayna says "IT WAS AWESOME!!!"

The next day, we kept the scavenger hunt going by doing an amazing race type challenge at the hotel. JJ was guiding her via the cell phone to his present for her.... he managed to get her there without dumping her in the pool, though she did bonk a few walls and got quite a few giggles from the hotel staff.
She loved the challenge as well as the gift (a jewelry drill).
As if that wasn't enough, later that afternoon we took her on a hard core treasure hunt at the beach... where Josiah had buried a little treasure chest and marked the spot with an "X".
She had a less than accurate map that took around the K team for quite some time...

She finally found it and was delighted with the shells, coins, fools gold and even a pirate coin....
(good job team!)

In her free moments she is always creating... here is her little sea turtle,
and a starfish birthday cake!!
Happy Birthday Naynee!!!
It's been 12 wonderful years!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The Kalers sure know how to do birthdays! Happy Birthday, Shayna!!

Tania said...

Yeah I would like to join you on my birthdays too! :) Happy birthday (late) Shayna! So awesome you got to go parasailing. Wow! Looks like you had a great day.

kat said...

Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I was there! Happy late birthday, Shayna!