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Thursday, June 12, 2014

By jojo

Hello this is jojo kaler reporting from inside what is called"Winnie"where five members of some group called the Kalers are traveling cross country ad high speeds of 60 miles an hour. But first let me take a selfie

We are currently 2 and a half hours out from Mt Rushmore can't wait to see that at night. On day 1 of traveling I went into work with the on they call "mom". The we took off and stayed in a rest stop bout an hour out of St. Lois. Once we arrived in the city we realized how much it looked like DC it even had a free zoo that we went to after a wonderful college tour and watching Shayna eat her free lunch we ended up meeting about half of the colleges police force because no one knew where we should park. The zoo was quite cool it had some really awesome monkeys. My favorite was a monkey that we called the twitch monkey because every time it moved it's head it looked like it was twiching. After that we took off towards Owensville and stayed at one of my top 5 favorite RV parks. The next day and also the current one we started off towards Mt Rushmore a thirteen hour drive the stops included a cool park with a pool that required swimsuits!!?!???!!? After that disappointment we were off again. And that is where we are now I will report back to you tmw but for now jojo out.

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