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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

St. Louis, MO

Our first day on the road after a long while... What a joy to have a full day to spend with my children!! They're into more teenage humor and are very smart... We laugh a lot making puns, or busting out in our accents, or enjoying some other random moment. Today we kept spotting people who needed toupes, it became a good little inside joke. It helps that we know sign language. We had driven through the night (we? I mean Greg) and stopped at a rest stop about an hour south of St. Louis. We had our first college tour at what we thought was a random school that kept sending sk mail, but turned out to be a real interesting and viable option for the kids (if they could handle being land locked for four years). So here we are... Our rising junior, freshman and enthusiastic tour guide.

Unexpected bonus- there is a huge park (Central Park style) right across the way, with free museums, very much reminiscent of DC. We chose the zoo for the afternoon, then headed out to an ROD camp on the hills.

EXCELLENT FIRST DAY!! Ps I'm trying to upload pictures but I'm going to go ahead and post while my phone and google have a lengthy discussion about this.

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