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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Omaha, Nebraska

We're having a big driving day... After a night of good rest and luxurious accommodations at our "new favorite camp site in Missouri". The camp ground had two indoor pools, pirate mini golf, a full recreation center, a spa and a free movie theater. The spa was closed but the boys enjoyed some indoor soccer, a pick up basketball game, mini golf and I took in "Man of Steel." I figured it was good cultural immersion since we were about to drive through the plains states and all.
So today is a lot of sunshine, grass, books on tape... We have a big hole in our map for Nebraska so we made an intentional trip over to Omaha. We picked a random park along our route and got a little reminder of our privilege... Some local kids came up on their bikes and looking at Winnie said "what the heck is THAT??!" Like it was a spaceship or something. They talked about not being able to swim much cuz their uncle didn't have a swim suit. I thought about all our stuff neatly organized in Winnie's closets. Privileged, indeed. The goal is to get to Mt Rushmore tonight and Yellowstone tmw. It's a lot of driving but everyone agrees at this point it's Seattle or bust.

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