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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 4 by Jojo kaler

This is jojo kaler reporting to you from inside what I believe is called "Winnie" STOP selfie time dunununuh. I'll be darned my selfies won't load. I will have to resort to using emojis 😁😃😁😃😁😃  today we went to 2 mountain carvings crazy horse and Mt Rushmore. When we arrived at Rushmore we ate breakfast and set off. First we went to the grand view terrace which was basically a platform with a straight on view of the faces of Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, and Jefferson carved into the mountainside then we hiked along a small trail and got different views of the presidents. We then received junior ranger booklets that when completed we would get a badge for it. We watched a 13 minute film about the making of the carving and answered some questions about it then we went through a few exhibits and read about the presidents, sculptor, workers, etc. here are a few fun facts. It took 14 years to complete the project
90% of the carving was done by dynamite
The sculptor was Gutzon Borglum
The original model only had three presidents
There was controversy over wether Abe Lincoln should have a beard or not
After that educational stop we went to crazy horse an Native American chief who is a hero.this project is not yet finished but is a big one. It will be the biggest statue on planet earth. Now I'm sure some Martian has built seething bigger so I refrained from saying In the entire universe. Anyway the monument is not government funded at all in fact they turned down 10 million dollars in potential funding from the government twice. Chief crazy horse was a chief known for his quote look to the graves of my ancestors that is where my home is. We also enjoyed some Native American culture and craft.

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