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Friday, November 20, 2009


Well! Little did you know that when you joined us on this journey we would take you to such far off places like Africa. Well, with Disney's help, we sure can....
Welcome to the Animal Kingdom, featuring Africa and China. We spent most of our time in Africa!
Where we even had school. This native woman from Botswana told us all about her country. Did you know Botswana got their independence from Britain in 1966? Since we had just been learning about American independence, we asked several questions about how her country got theirs. Apparently in 1959, the chiefs of their tribes got together and decided it was "high time to govern ourselves." So they asked. Apparently Britain thought about it, went and gathered all the diamonds from the land that they could, and granted independence seven years later in 1966.
We also got to play some African instuments and then went off to the Safari.

They let the animals out everyday to roam and make it look like a real Africa. They even have fake Bao Bob trees (below). They had a real one too, but then it became illegal to take trees from Africa, so these are fake.
We learned all about elephant poaching and even helped the guy on the radio catch the poachers in our safari car!! Each and every time we rode it!! (it was daddy's favorite)
Of course they end the day with a little safari boogie right before they take all the animals to bed for the night. All the kids loved the animals, Shayna's favorite was the Yeti ride (Everest-- a much improved version of Matterhorn) and the boys also loved the white water rapids.
Rock on!

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