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Friday, November 20, 2009


Not to over Disney anyone, but we do want to tell you about Epcot. It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was originally designed to be the place where all the cast members for the Magic Kingdom live, so its connected by the monorail. It ended up as this "place to showcase modern technology and the future." The big globe has a space ride that takes you through history according to the written word and language, ending up with the cyber world. Pretty cool. There are also environmental studies done here, and attractions that showcase the earth, the sea, etc. Very educational!

The there's the "World Showcase" where they have little mini versions of 13 different countries. Disney has an exchange program where those real countrymen come and work in their little "city." It is really amazing, hearing all the accents, learning from the people. We loved our long talk with the gal from Norway, and the overall effect of traveling through Europe in a day.

They had a kids program where you could make a mask, and get a stamp on your passport in each country. They got their names written in different languages and learned different ways to greet people. It was all very authentic, actually, or at least probably as authentic as we'll ever get!!

The boys loved making their masks and I went shopping for you in Norway, mom. And did you know William Shatner was Canadian? You probably did... anyway, we learned a lot. Hugs!!

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Hey guys. We are still following your travels. Hope to meet up with you again soon.