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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Florida wildlife

We're going to be in Florida for awhile so we wanted to introduce you to some of the critters we meet. First, our favorite....

The anole!!
These little guys are everywhere and they don't mind being held (though they do shed thier tail if they need to get away.) One even went for a bike ride with JJ.
Another common friend is the Ibis...
and lots of turtles.

Sometimes we find things we can't touch... like big fuzzy yellow caterpillars and

We also see lots of ginormous bugs, some prettyand some not so pretty. We also see these signs every which way we look...
But when we find them, they usually look like this...

and not this.

Can you imagine, swimming in the river and one sneaking up on you like this?
(no thank you.)

We'll stick to our anoles...
and the pool!!

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