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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Way down upon the Swanee river....

Hello!! We are back to some sense of normalcy after a week with the Mouse so we're gonna catch you up!! One of the first things we noticed about Florida is we have lots of opportunity to see Spanish moss.. (nice and up close).. (the stuff is everywhere, on the fences, electric poles... and it is actually not moss at all. Its an arial plant with seeds, we learned!)
Then we found this nice little spot along the Suwannee river... some inviting little ropes were just innocently hanging there. When we first saw the river we thought it looked rather UNinviting, kinda black, actaully it looked like Sweet Tea. We weren't sure if we should go in it, so we just swung for awhile...
Until Jo decided he didn't care!
Later we found out it actually is like Sweet Tea... the water gets that color from the Cypress roots and leaves. Its a spring fed river that is totally clean....At that point it was all over!

(yes, even the parents got in on the fun.....)
Welcome to Florida!!


Anonymous said...

Is it the vine that ate the south? i just learned about arieal roots..i think its called kudsu vines... anyway..love you..tina

Cheryl said...

I dont think its the same... actually I goofed, Spanish moss doesn't have any roots, it has seeds and then it gets all its nutrients from the leaves that cling to other plants and get moisture from the air. that's why they're in humid areas. I'm checking on the vine thing... wow you are learning alot now that ur working in school :)-C

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous and can't wait to get down there. We're on our way to Jekyll Island, GA right now.

Spanish Moss! Kudzu!! Sweet tea water! Love it!

Have you tried boiled peanuts?

- Katie

Uncle Ronnie said...

Wow, I didn't know Josiah could walk on water! Pretty darn cool! How warm is it in Florida in between hurricanes? Uncle Ronnie sure has travel envy looking at all the pictures of you guys swimming and playing on the swings and in the sand. Hope you said Hello to Mickey and friends for us. Wish we were with you! Love, Uncle Ronnie