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Friday, November 20, 2009

Shuttle journals

"When they loncht, there were 6 people on the shuttle. First the were powerd by them then they hand over to Houstin. When they come back they will bring home Nicole Fickler. The lonch was at the Kennedy Space Center. They will land after thanksgiving if there is knot any problems. After one minute we could here it. They are bringing some butter flys up there. Surprisingly, the lonch was different on what I thought. It was like thunder hole. We had fun!" -Jo

"A few days ago we went to a shuttle launch. The 6 people in the shuttle were bringing replacement pieces to the world's space station, and bringing back Nicole. Nicole has been living in the space station since December of '08. It took us an hour and a half to get there. I started to see smoke come out, then a rocket flying in the air. It took off at 500 miles per hour and when up the sky at 6,000 mph. It was a minute later when we started feeling and hearing the shuttle liftoff. After that we headed home and watched Appollo 13 and ate oreo's." -JJ

"So this, people, is my shuttle space blog. We drove for like 3 hours after we dropped mom off at her work to get to a good place to see the shuttle launch. We were off some road across the Indian river with a bunch of other people. We waited awhile, and listened to the radio, looked longingly at the oreo's, and waited some more. Then finally the radio said it was gonna lift off in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Mom called us from where she was watching it on TV and let us know what was going on up close. The rocket came up from the second platform, but it didn't really look much like a rocket or a space shuttle. It looked like a big burning bullet shooting up in the sky!" -Shayna

"The shuttle launch was truly a beautiful sight!!"

"It was OUSEM!"

"OK. We're done blogging! Good bye!!"

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