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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hoosier State

Well, we are close enough to Indiana that we decided to start off our Spring Break catching some "final four" excitement. When else will we be able to do this??!!
The stadium was open to watch practices the day before the final four games- JJ and Greg went in and watched Duke, and then the all star game, which was "Recess Vs. Hershey Chocolate." We thought that was funny, because we've been to Hershey and we know they make Recess. How silly. But we liked the freebies.

The boys also got in on a little NCAA coached "clinic" action.... the score of the weekend, for sure, as it was free and now we've "been there, done that, got the t-shirt!"
We thought Kentucky was into basketball, Indiana is nuts about it. The camp we stayed at had someone on the court ALL THE TIME (All ages). And of course there was quite a bit of Butler excitement around here, it was easy to get caught up in it!!

But basically we just love basketball, and had a great time in "Bracket Town." Even Shayna got into it and had a good time.
So here we are, the latest family shot.... Shayna is not standing on her toes, however I do believe JJ is on his knees.

PS, While we were here we tried to find out what a "Hoosier" is. Impossible task. Even the locals don't know, their favorite is that "everyone round here once came up from Kentucky, and it means "Whoosier daddy?" (sad!)


Jenny said...

SO COOL!!! I'm glad you guys were able to take advantage of being in the area!! What fun!! Lizzie had Butler winning it all...but sadly they didn't, but Daddy is a Duke fan, so still a happy house!!!

Sabbatical, Phase 6- next? said...

We were a quite the happy house too.. it was so fun to be there, and on top of all that, Greg won the pool at KSD so we actually got some cash outa the deal. He was the only one there that picked Duke, everybody else had UK. Guess it pays to be outa state when everybody "bleeds blue!"